Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday co-op

The topic for our homeschool co-op this week was butterflies. We learned some butterfly fingerplays, and Tanya read a really sweet book by Eve Bunting called "The Butterfly House".

We made tissue paper sun catchers shaped like butterflies during craft time. I will hang them in a sunny spot tomorrow, and take a picture! They are very cute.

We ate lunch, and watched a tame squirrel pick up some apple core that I had thrown onto the grass. The kids were so quiet and still at first, but most of the boys soon started a wild squirrel chase. The poor squirrels scattered, but came back for scraps occasionally.

After lunch and squirrel-chasing, we took a walk on the faery house trail. Clover built a little leaf house for the faeries with some flower petal "stepping stones".

We went on a fairly long hike, and enjoyed the beautiful cool weather. We even found an old wishing well. The kids threw pebbles into the water, and made wishes including one last final group wish for peace on Earth. What sweetness!!

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Tan Family said...

This is pure sweetness! What a nice little co-op group you have there. Sounds like a wonderful day.