Friday, May 1, 2009


Beltane or May Day is a fun holiday for children because of the emphasis on faeries and other Nature spirits. We always have a very relaxed and fun Beltane celebration.

First thing in the morning, we go outside and pat the morning dew onto our faces and hands. This is the faerie's dew and it has magical healing properties for the entire year.

After everyone has enough dew, we walk around our yard and find gifts of Spring. This year, we found the first beautiful rose of the season, the first iris in Clover's garden, lots of little sprouts in the wildflower and sunflower gardens, and a few ripe strawberries in the strawberry patch.

Since cutting one ripe strawberry into four pieces is more of a strawberry tease than anything else, I decided to take the kids berry-picking. What better way to celebrate the fertility of our great Mother? We went to a local strawberry patch and picked two gallons.

When Tim got home from work, we made our traditional Beltane meal: pancakes with maple whipped cream and berries. It was delicious. Tim always reads a blessing for Mothers, and we talk about our gratitude for the Earth's ability to make food and beauty. The kids each brought a small piece of pancake out for the faeries, and then played outside until dark.

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