Wednesday, May 27, 2009

first harvest

Clover's little garden patch was the first to produce food this year! She proudly plucked radishes yesterday after Indigo and Willow excitedly pointed out that the radishes were ready!

I have been telling Clover a bedtime story about Poke (a faery) and Nutkin (a squirrel) for about three years now. Last Spring, I added a little "radish pixie" named Honey. So, when the first radishes were picked, I told a story about Honey's birthday tea party. This morning, we decided to have a tea party of our own. Clover made radish sandwiches on homemade bread and chamomile tea with honey. She also cut the green tops off of a bunch of strawberries and put them on a plate. We had a lovely time.

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RunninL8 said...

Great harvest and a lovely story! Can't wait for SOMETHING to spring up in our garden!!!