Tuesday, May 19, 2009

learning time & a visit

Clover started on a very interesting project today. She loves to write her own stories, and even recently checked out two books from the library about how to make books. We decided to work on binding a book, and she is going to write a story as part of her learning time this week. The book binding was quite a process. She made the "signature" by sewing some folded pieces of printer paper together. I helped her wrap two pieces of paperboard in some of her marbled paper, and then we worked together to glue the signature onto the book covers. We are still working on it! By tomorrow, it should be ready for writing.

The boys started learning the letter Y. They used clay to form Y's, and we talked about some Y words like yellow and yak. We read the book _Owen_ about a little boy with a yellow blanket that he loves and takes with him everywhere.

Nova learned something new today, too! My grandparents came over, and Grandad taught him how to ride the tricycle! He has been trying to learn how to pedal for a few months now. He just needed some patient, consistent instruction. It was really sweet to see him learning something new and being so happy about it. Mimi and Grandad are such a gift to us. We love them, and enjoy their visits.

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