Monday, January 25, 2010

nature walk Monday

We took a walk through the woods behind our house this morning. The wind was blowing so hard, but the sky was so beautiful and it felt wonderful to be out in the sun for a few hours. The lazy little creek behind our house had spilled out over her banks and become a rushing creek with waterfalls everywhere.

There was lots of tree climbing and exploring and splashing in puddles.

There was also lots of climbing across "bridges" - lots of fun games to play with just a simple log across some water.

What a wonderful start to our week!

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Julie said...

looks like a wonderful woodsy walk. That first picture is great - you can almost hear the tumbling of the water. It always feels so good to be out and connecting with nature, we're just looking forward to the weather improving (or better yet, worsening, so that we have snow) so that we can spend more time in the woods ourselves.