Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ice castle

Look out! Look out!
King Winter's about!
He's after our fingers and toes!
And he'll bluster about until we all shout:
Its cold! Its cold! Its cold!!!

The past couple of weeks have been incredibly cold. I cannot remember a Winter like this! When we lived in the mountains, I expected freezing temperatures for weeks on end, but the weather is usually not so intensely cold around here.

Clover and Willow both have a sniffle, so we have been inside for a few days. I finally decided last night that getting out for atleast a few minutes this morning would be a good idea. So..... I did what any reasonable mother would do (haha!). I went through the recycling bin and used the interesting plastic pieces to make lots and lots of ice! I put evergreen branches, seashells, marbles, and a tiny little apple into the water, and I left it out overnight to freeze.

This morning, we put on layers over long johns, socks, hats, gloves, and coats. And we went outside in the 19 degree weather to make a castle for King Winter.

We were all pretty pleased with ourselves. I think that King Winter would appreciate our hard work. Nova built a long road with all of the little broken pieces of ice. There was even an ice dog hut for the Winter hounds. Fun!

I have saved all of the plastic pieces because plans for an enormous and even more fantastic castle were already being made this afternoon around the time that King Winter's palace was becoming slush.

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