Sunday, January 10, 2010

doll workshop

My awesome crafty friend Colleen offered to teach a doll making workshop for some of the Waldorf co-op mamas! This is a craft that I have been wanting to learn for such a long time. I've been intimidated because my sewing skills are not wonderful, and I am not great with proportions and other necessary doll-making skills. However, my doll is coming along beautifully!!! I'm excited about finishing it this week!

We had such a good time! I love to be with a bunch of women who love to laugh and work at the same time - maybe the best part of Waldorf for me is the constant reminder to be cheerful during handwork time! Making the head of the doll is the hardest part, so we worked on that for the majority of the workshop. Getting the eyes and the mouth to look right is a very challenging task.

Clover came with me to the workshop. She was really excited about hanging out with Colleen's daughter Ruth. They are both really quiet and sweet. They sat with us for parts of the workshop, and Clover ended up making a little brother for Charlotte with the help of my friend Carrie! She named her little doll Peter.

So, I left the workshop with a doll head, some doll legs that I pinned, and lots more knowledge in my own head!! As of tonight (Sunday), I have stuffed dolls arms pinned to the "bodice" part of my doll and legs that are stuffed and sewed at the tops. I have to get up some courage to do the feet and sew the head/neck thingie into the body! Yikes!! I might be visiting Colleen again before January is over!


Julie said...

your doll looks lovely too - what a wonderful way to spend the day - lovely company, lovely crafting and a beautiful doll at the end of it, filled with love and memories of a joyful creation. (Love the chandelier in the picture too - would love to have a big table like that to sit round and craft/eat/live!

Colleen said...

Your doll is looking great. I had such a nice time having everybody here, I hope you'll come back soon!