Sunday, January 24, 2010

lazy Sunday

Clover woke up in a super grumpy mood. She is usually so sunny that it was hard to get our Sunday started off in a positive way.

Tim finally took the boys outside so that they could build a castle for King Winter.

Clover had been trying to work on all sorts of different craft projects, getting frustrated with each one, and crying sadly. She was crying in the kitchen while I tried to cook when I finally remembered that even at nine years old, she sometimes needs a little nudge in the right direction. I decided to give her a project.

Remembering the wonderful wisdom of Mrs. M I decided to cheer her up with a job involving soap bubbles and scrubbing and a lovely end result. I can't remember if it was in one of her files or if it was in a post, but I remember reading that just the sight of a bucket filled with bubbles can be enough to cheer certain moods. It worked! Charlotte was clean after over an hour of scrubbing, and then we filled a big pot with soapy water and she scrubbed all of her doll clothes!!

When the boys came in and saw that Clover was having fun with bubbles, they wanted to play, too. I set them up with sink bubbles, and they had so much fun. When they were done, we all made chicken and dumplings.

What started out as a grumpy Sunday ended in such a nice way.

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Julie said...

water and bubbles play are my daughter's favourites at the moment - she stands up at the sink "washing up" for at least half an hour every day! Amazing what a difference some bubbles and giggles can make, and what a lovely mama Clover has to think of such a great mood shifting idea. Love the doll's clothes all hanging to dry in front of the fire.