Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday co-op

Cold, foggy Monday... The fire felt so good. We crowded around for stories, verses, and songs. We are singing one right now that I love! It is about the Wind. We all sound so beautiful when we sing it, and the last line is: The light of the Sun is fading - so appropriate for this time of year when we wind into Darkness, only to spiral out again and head towards Spring!!

During craft time, we made lanterns for the Advent spiral. This was a really easy and fun craft. The kids used decoupage glue and tissue paper to decorate mason jars. We made small holes in the mason jar ring with a hammer and nail, and threaded wire through the holes. Beads were added to make the handles more festive. I can't wait to see these when a beeswax tea light is glowing inside.

We celebrated the birthdays of two little sweet potatoes, went on a short but rambunctious nature walk and headed for home..... tired and happy.

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