Saturday, November 14, 2009

nature walk Friday

For this week's nature walk, we met with friends at McDowell and walked a new (to us) trail. It was beautiful. The leaves are so amazing right now. After three days of watching from indoors as the rain fell and the wind blew it felt so good to be outside in the woods!

Nova found this "special" beautiful red and yellow leaf. He loved it so much that he kept trying to think of a way to stick it to my chest so that we could "keep it forever and look at it every day". He finally suggested that we use the staple gun! I'm really glad that he forgot about that idea by the time we got home.

The kids played all around this water hole. It was part of an underground stream surrounded by rocks and tree roots and all sorts of insects. They threw in leaves and sticks and nutshells, and had a hard time resisting the urge to get wet. It was much too chilly for that ofcourse!

I feel so lucky that Clover enjoys taking care of small children. She is almost always willing to give a piggyback ride, hold a hand, or tell a story to a little one. This time she was also put in charge of carrying the dolls for a long time. She loved every minute of it.

This year (as always) I have had some trouble with keeping consistency in our weekday routine. I'm happy to report that we haven't missed a Nature Walk Friday yet! Woohooooooo!

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