Wednesday, November 4, 2009

lovely day at home

Face painting has become an everyday activity around here. After lesson time and chore time and lunch time, we have face painting time! Clover got some lyra face paint pencils for her birthday (thanks Gma & Gpa!), and she has so much fun painting everyone.

Sunny beautiful Autumn afternoons are always so wonderful. We play outside for atleast two hours every day (usually more!). Right now there are so many little anole lizards running around on our fence, in the log pile, and in the garden! Nova caught one all by himself today. It was a teeny baby lizard, and it almost got away because Nova was so surprised that he actually caught it. Clover caught a big one and passed it around.

We also did some baking. I roasted a gigantic cheese wheel pumpkin left over from Halloween and made two pumpkin pies with it. Clover made a batch of molasses cookies to put into the cookie jar that she made earlier this week. Because, really, what good is a cookie jar without any cookies?

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