Sunday, November 1, 2009


We had such a fun Halloween party this year! Lots of friends came over, and we played in sun and rain, had a costume parade, sang, ATE delicious food, and enjoyed our second annual trick-or-treat trail through the woods.


A pirate and a pumpkin elf and an acorn faery (my other little pumpkin elf never quite got his whole costume on):

The trick-or-treat trail through the woods with a marshmallow roast at the end!:

Hayrides with daddy Tim:

Some Halloween craftiness:

Thanks, friends, for sharing Halloween with us!! We are still enjoying the owl pumpkin, Tanya!!


Carrie said...

Oooooh, we had so much fun too! I don't think I got a single picture, so thanks so much for sharing yours. :)

Clover's acorn faery costume was so beautiful! She sure was proud of Charlotte's costume as well. Willow and I had the funniest conversation over how I knew he was a pirate. It was definitely the red velour shirt with furry collar, cuffs and buttons!


Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful time as well! Thank you so much for a great Halloween celebration - you have such a lovely family!