Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday co-op

Today was the most amazingly beautiful day. We met in our Spring/Summer co-op spot, and it was so lovely.

I finally got to tell the story of St. Martin to our group. This is one of my favorite stories ever - especially Martin's dream at the end holds such a powerful message. I never get tired of hearing and telling that story.

For craft time, we made paper lanterns. Lora taught a German lantern song to the group (Clover has been singing it *all* evening), and we had a short lantern walk while singing the song!

Michael had the idea to have the children wash their hands (in an organized way) before lunch time. This really helped ease the transition between craft/lantern walk and meal time. The kids were excited to line up and wash their hands in warm lavender water. After washing, we had them find a seat. So much more of a smooth transition than in weeks past... Now we just need a hand-washing verse.

We spent all afternoon running around and playing in the woods!!!

Right before we left for home, I took this picture. The purple-pink spot was actually visible among the treetops. Kate calls this a "sunburst", but for today I would prefer to think of it, like St. Martin, as a Being of Light. May we all shine our radiant lights into the World during this time of early descending darkness. Peace.


Carrie said...

We had such a great day Monday! We have also been singing the lantern song constantly.

During our circle yesterday, we repeated the story of St. Martin. I shared it with our friends (also a homeschooling family) down the street and they really loved the story as well If you have a link to that specific story (you told it so well!) I would really appreciate it. :)

The handwashing was a great idea and it really helped with the lunch transition. Yesterday's lunch recaptured the harmony that we had slightly lost after our new location. I will look for a handwashing verse as well.

Thanks for a great co-op! As always, I look forward to the next one. :)

Peace and Love

RunninL8 said...

Would love to hear the St. Martin story that you read-is it in a book or online? Are you able to share it? Thanks!

Erin said...

Hey Mamas! I have read lots of different versions of the St. Martin stories over the past couple of years & so the one that I told is pieced together from lots of sources. My favorite version (overall) is probably the one on Marsha Johnson's waldorf home educators yahoo group. I adore all of her work honestly! Another beautiful (different) one is in The Festival of Stones by Reg Down. Non traditional and beautiful. :)