Thursday, September 24, 2009

San Francisco

We stayed at a campground by the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco. The weather was so foggy and chilly the entire time. I loved going to sleep to the sound of waves crashing. Night time was basically the only time that we spent at the campground. It was fun to explore the city!

The most fun part of the whole trip was the Power to the Peaceful festival in Golden Gate Park. We danced and jumped and played like crazy!! I love to see Michael Franti perform.

There were lots of interesting people to meet. Tim had some bubbles, and we attracted a little crowd of kids to play with.

There were all sorts of interesting shops to check out. Clover loved this Russian shop full of weird stuff like all kinds of different candies and some strange dried-up fish that were displayed in cardboard boxes. She tried to read a sign advertising fruit.

The tiny restaurant where we ate sushi was so delicious! Nova got a complimentary bowl of soup, and he was so happy about that!

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