Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a little update & a few more California pictures!

Yesterday, we traveled the rest of the way across Kansas and into Missouri. Our plan was to stop for dinner near the St. Louis Arch, and then drive a little more before bed time. We made it right to the Arch with no trouble whatsoever, and then the bus completely cut off & refused to start again. We had a great dinner and enjoyed walking all around the arch, but we had to get a hotel room because the bus was parked in a tow zone. So, once again.....adventure! Atleast we are stuck in a really interesting part of the country!

And now a few more beautiful CA pictures...

All of those were taken on our last morning at Sequoia National. We had watermelon and took an icy (freezing cold) dip in the clear water near our campsite.

Hopefully we will be home soon! We are missing everyone especially Panda and Solstice!

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Blue Harvest Mama said...

You are being missed also! I hope your trip home is less "mechanically" eventful than what it's been. If all goes well, when do you expect to be home? Safe travels & BIG hugs!