Friday, September 25, 2009

Colorado (stop 1)

We made it through Nevada and Utah without bus trouble. Hurray! Everyone felt a little crazy by the time we made it to Colorado, but it was so worth the drive!!! Colorado was my favorite state of all of the ones that we visited! We stayed with Tim's cousin Ryan and his beautiful wife Allyson and their sweet little son Duke. We all fell so in love with that little punkin head. I have about a million pictures of him!!! Here are a few...

We spent most of our visit on the beautiful back porch. The view was amazing. We watched little boats sail down the river, and all sorts of birds flew around singing pretty songs. Ryan let the kids borrow binoculars, so they spent some time looking for wild animals on the distant mountains!

Thanks for letting us stay, Allyson and Ryan!! We love y'all!!!!!!

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