Sunday, September 27, 2009

Colorado (part 2)

Our very favorite place to visit was Boulder, CO. There were beautiful bike trails, fun places to go, good food & health food stores, and (best of all) good friends to visit. Clover's pen pal Laurel lives in Boulder with her Mom and Dad and little sister Ella. They are all so sweet! It was amazing to see the girls so grown up (we haven't seen them in years!) and to finally meet wonderful, sweet Sarah Kate. And, ofcourse, it was good to hug Rob after such a long time of only phone calls and emails.

We were lucky enough to be there for Ella's 7th birthday party! What a beautiful girl she is growing up to be!

SarahKate is a henna tattoo artist, so we all had fun getting tattoos from her. Nova and I got matching acorns on our hands!

We were all so sad to leave!! Clover and Laurel had so much fun together! Willow and Ella got to be very close friends, and Willow even plans to write letters to her now! And I felt so lucky to get to know Sarah Kate. I can't believe that I didn't get a good picture of Rob, but we did take a big family picture with Sarah Kate's camera, so when I get a copy of that, I will post it!!

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