Sunday, February 21, 2010

work in progress

Tim started on a big project with the kids this weekend. With some wood reclaimed from other projects and lots of cement, they started on our little greenhouse! I'm so excited about this! We have always started seeds in the house, but this will allow us to start so many things early. We have been holding onto the greenhouse glass for the past five years, and now it will finally be put to use!

The humble beginnings of the greenhouse...

The kids had a great time helping with hole digging and cement mixing, but they also ran off to play in the sunshine. Clover helped Nova balance on the fence. Everyone has been practicing fence walking recently.

Nova loves to roll down the hill in the big blue tube! He also spent some time pushing other willing participants down the hill!

There was also a little friendly hen chasing. The hens don't even mind - they're so happy to have green grass again!

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Carrie said...

A greenhouse is exciting! Cannot wait to see it. :)