Tuesday, February 23, 2010

man & animal block (day 1)

Today we talked for a long time about how humans are different from other animals. Clover and the boys loved the idea that we use our hands for service. They loved listing all of the amazing things that our hands can do. Clover drew a beautiful picture in her main lesson book and made a list titled: With my hands, I.......

With my hands, I....
* hug
* practice violin
* make my bed
* feed Mia (the cat)
* feed Jack Straw (the bird)
* put the hens in the garden
* clean up
* hold hands
* play blocks
* play catch
* sew
* knit
* brush my teeth
* hold little people
* play with Charlotte and all my toys
* push Nova on the swing

1 comment:

Julie said...

what a great list for busy hands, how lovely that the first thing she thought of was such a loving action.