Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The 2nd day of February belongs to the Goddess Brigid. To celebrate, we tell stories and read poetry, bake a special dessert, and gather all of the candles in our house for blessing. When we light any of these candles during the coming year, we are reminded of the sacred flame that dwells within every Being.

Bless these candles burning bright,
Bless their shining day and night.

This is one of my favorite celebrations of the entire year.

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Julie said...

Lovely picture - really shows the glowing warmth of the candles. My daughter and I have decorated some candles but we are celebrating Candlemas as a family on saturday because Papa and big brother were out and about til late yesterday - am so looking forward to it. Although I was pleased that it rained almost all day yesterday - fingers crossed that means that our winter is nearly over - I think you can sense spring is in the air here, so I am hopeful!carti