Friday, February 12, 2010


Co-op was held under a snow-heavy sky with a warm fire and lots of bundled up friends. I just love to see kids dressed in all of their Winter layers. They look like little elves in their heavy hoods and knitted hats. We sounded so beautiful today when we sang: "Oh where do you come from you little flakes of snow? Falling, falling, softly falling to the Earth below."

Apple gave heart cookies to all of the kids and told a simple story about Saint Valentine. It was very sweet. I realized while she was telling it that I never knew (as a child) about the person that we celebrate on Valentine's Day. I'm excited about doing a saints block for the boys when they are in second grade. I didn't really do much of one with Clover.

We had some play time and some sitting-around-the-fire-getting-warm time. The February babies blew out their birthday candles after we sang "happy birthday". And we drove home knowing that snow would arrive soon!

We had just enough time to warm up with hot cocoa and start a big bowl of soup. It snowed like crazy between 4:30 and 8:00, and now it has slowed down quite a bit. We are looking forward to snow play bright and early!!!

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Julie said...

so love reading about your co-op adventures each week. Looks like they all really enjoyed themselves - isn't it funny how, as adults we can get so hung up on the weather, but provided they are dressed right, the kids just get on and enjoy themselves whatever the weather!