Thursday, December 11, 2008

Work and Play

I'm trying to bring balance into this hectic time of the year. Last year, we did lessons right on through the Winter festivities. We took Christmas off because we had plans with family, but that was the only time that we broke the rhythym of our day. I find that my children do so much better with everything else if we stick to routine. They are much more balanced and at ease. This year is bringing challenge. Tim had the entire week of Thanksgiving off and he has Christmas week off as well. We celebrate Winter Solstice which is on a Sunday, but I am trying to decide what to do with that week after the Solstice (the Christmas week). We had some major school of life experiences over Thanksgiving week. No formal lessons, but plenty of opportunities for learning. Tim is converting an old airport bus into an RV, so that we can travel to California next year. The children enjoyed helping him with the work.

After trying to work on my schedule for about an hour this morning, I have decided to surrender to December. There will be plenty of time for getting back on our wonderful (comfortable) routine during January. So..... we did some lesson work. Clover wrote in cursive about a story called "The Goat-Eared Emperor" and worked on times tables. The boys listened to the story Jemima Puddleduck & drew J's. We also studied The Waldorf Alphabet Book (one of my favorite resources) and we wrote a letter to Uncle Jay!!

After lunch, we went for a visit at my dear friend Tammie's house. Everyone had fun! Clover especially loves to visit with Tammie's daughter Autumne. They are best friends & so cute together!
Aren't they sweet?? We stayed later than I planned & drove home under the big beautiful full moon. So glad that the clouds cleared out just in time to enjoy that lovely sight.

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RunninL8 said...

That RV convert sounds like a lot of fun!
Work-sometimes ya just have to go with the flow, be a bit yeilding, and things will come easier.