Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sugar Cookies

Few holiday traditions exist in my extended family, so I always look forward to the yearly rhythym of making sugar cookies with my grandmother and grandfather. Mimi has been making these sugar cookies with her kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids for over fifty years. When Clover was only three months old, I took her to make sugar cookies for the first time. Nestled in the sling, she held a cookie cutter in her little fist and I had one of those proud new mama moments. She was taking part in tradition!!

So, this morning we headed over to Mimi and Grandad's house for some cookie baking fun! Before rolling the dough & cutting out shapes, each person has to tie on the apron that my great grandmother wore to do all of her cooking.

Even the older participants (me & my sisters & my mom) tie on the apron before beginning. When my brother is in town, he is expected to wear the apron & (to his credit) he is always a good sport! We missed him this morning & sent lots of cookie energy up to Boston. haha!!

Grandad put the cookies in a low spot, so that little people could sample the deliciousness!!


RunninL8 said...

Tradition is so wonderful!
i often find myself wondering why I practically likk myself this time of year with all the crafts, baking, honoring and reveling that goes on and I need to remind myself that I'm making traditions for my children that I never really had. They start here with ME so that hopefully they can be passed on.... and someday my great-great grandbabies will wear MY apron or use my cookie cutter. So, it's worth all this initial effort!
What a wonderful family you must have! Glad you had such a special time!
Happy Holidays!

RunninL8 said...

oh, my! I guess i can add DISLEXIA to my ADD!!!! I meant"kill", not "Likk"!!!!!