Saturday, December 13, 2008

last minute shopping and watercolors

Today we left my (poor sick) kids with my mom and went to finish up holiday shopping. Every year, I try to have a completely handmade Winter holiday, but that has proved challenging. By the time little Nova is 10, I might meet my goal. So, just 7 more years to go... ha!

We did get a few things done, but traffic was crazy & I was having a hard time focusing when I knew that the kids were coughing and sneezing and feeling miserable. I was pretty relieved to get back to them. We settled in at home with a warm dinner and some garlic ginger lemonade.

After dinner, Clover added a poem that she wrote to her watercolor painting. I just love her poetry. She wrote this at midnight on Thursday when she couldn't go to sleep because of coughing: "Bless the Earth and what it brings/like all the plants and flowers and things./And bless all that other stuff like snapdragons and dandelion fluff./Bless the Earth and what it brings,/like all those little other things."

I just love wet-on-wet watercolor painting. It turns out so beautiful no matter what! Indigo and Willow practiced their J's and painted pretty borders:
Nova drew a beautiful fire. He was so proud of himself! He has really started to take his time and focus on painting instead of just playing with the colored water.

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