Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Rainy days make me feel so productive!! We got so much done, and enjoyed a peaceful day at home. Lessons stretched out over the entire morning. Clover worked on her spelling and wrote a story in her main lesson book. Indigo and Willow are learning the letter J this week. They made Js from bread dough, and ate them with Jelly when they came out of the oven. Nova helped me shape the loaves, and then drew with his fingers on the floured (bread) board.

My grandparents came over to visit. They took turns reading to the kids.
Clover helped Mimi with reading the Spanish parts of The Umbrella by Jan Brett. Mimi was laughing through the whole thing! She had the kids point out all of the exotic animals! She had never heard of a tapir.

Mimi lost one of her earrings in the back yard right before leaving for home. The kids searched on hands and knees for about an hour, but could not find the missing earring. It started to rain again, and they were soaking wet from crawling around in wet leaves and grass. So, they came in for a warm bath and a snack.

We spent the afternoon folding laundry: Clover put herself in charge of teaching the boys how to fold socks. They caught on really quickly and loved being able to help! After laundry time, we had a snack & Clover showed the boys how to add 3 pieces of popcorn to 3 pieces of popcorn to get 6 pieces of popcorn. She re-arranged the piles of popcorn to show them that adding 5 plus 1 and 4 plus 2 also add up to 6. I spent some time working on times tables with her, and we also did some review work on borrowing and carrying.

Indigo, Willow, & Nova wanted to read and snuggle on the couch. So, we did that while Clover worked on her knitting.

Tim got home a little early & we made quesedillas and listened to the rain. The dogs were restless, so Clover played with them while Tim entertained the boys with blocks.

Now everyone (but me) is sleeping!

Such a sweet, simple day...

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