Thursday, April 15, 2010

local geography block - week 2

This week for local geography, we are learning about the Iswa or Catawba tribe (a Native American tribe local to our area). Mimi and Grandad brought some examples of Catawba pottery for us to study. We have been reading about it all week, but it is so different to actually hold it and hear about it from someone who remembers when there were many people of that tribe in our town.

This vase has such an interesting story. In Clover's words from her main lesson book writing for the day: "When my great grandmother, Mimi, was a child, Native American women would walk around selling their pottery. One day, a Catawba woman came to the door selling jugs and asked my great great grandmother (Mama Sanders) if she wanted to buy something. Mama Sanders held up a beautiful vase and asked the price. 'I'll give it to you for 25 cents', answered the woman. So, Mama Sanders went into the house, got a quarter, and bought the jug! That jug is an antique, older than my mother, and Mimi still has it! The End."

Mimi and Grandad read a book to the boys after everyone admired the pottery. We are so lucky to live near them, hear their stories, and receive their love.

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