Thursday, April 8, 2010

4th grade geography block

We started a really fun block this week. As detailed in Mrs. M's files, I have been telling the story of the ancient Earth this week. It has been really fun for all of the kids. Yesterday, we went on a field trip to a nearby state park. Clover had to define the words "flora" and "fauna" on Tuesday, so we went on a flora & fauna hunt. We found all sorts of beautiful and interesting things...

Raccoon prints in the mud by the river bank.

Beautiful wild violets.

A pretty tree with white bell-shaped flowers.

Freshwater clam shells.

Willow found a faerie house and peeked in to see if any faeries were at home. Indigo was the first in the water! He couldn't wait to dip his little toes in the river! We found a soft sandy place and played for about an hour, digging in the sand and making toad houses.

Everyone splashed around and climbed on the rocks. Quiet, reflective moments are rare with four children, but we all actually had some on this trip to the river. Winter was so long and so cold. This Spring has been an amazing blessing.

I love this picture that Clover took of Nova. He was so tired from playing all day!

One more thing to share from our first week of geography block - Clover made this beautiful picture by using natural "dyes" from our yard. The sun is from dandelion flowers, the tree trunks are from mud, and the tree tops are from grass stain.

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