Thursday, June 3, 2010

creative kids

Our first week of Summer vacation (from homeschool) has been awesome! We are doing lots of garden work:
~first blackberries of the season

~red and golden beets~

~lots of potatoes~

beautiful onion flower with big bee~

Clover has been making a tomato doll for our friend Jessica. She finished it today. Sprout (the doll) is going to travel across the country with Jessica and her boyfriend Josh. They are going to take pictures with her & send them to us so that we can keep up with their adventures! Sprout will be visiting the Grand Canyon!!

While we were visiting Jessica, Nova got a chance to type on her typewriter. He was very serious about it, and stayed busy for about half an hour.

And Clover got to play "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" as a duet with Josh! She was on violin & he was on the drums!!

Willow and Indigo had a very exciting time in the studio with our friend Brent. They were covered in clay and grinning when I picked them up! For the rest of the afternoon, they kept giving me pottery advice: "you can't leave water standing in the bottom of your bowls and cups mama!" and "always make sure that no pieces of sponge get stuck in your pottery! that's bad!" They are so sweet.

They made some beautiful cups and bowls!!!


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